Pilot's Light

Pilot's Light
70.00 AUD each


This is our light beer (2.7%) although, with a fuller body, it certainly doesn't taste like it! We use imported malts from the UK and Germany to create this refreshing brew.


Beautiful, pale golden beer with a slight haze. This cloudiness comes from allowing most of the particles suspended in the lager to settle naturally before kegging, keeping the subtle flavours that are lost by modern filtering methods. Our way leaves some yeast in the beer, resulting in more vitamins and less hangovers!


Sniff deeply and you'll notice grapefruits hiding under the passionfruit.


There's that hint of passionfruit again, working well with the soft, well-balanced body. The smooth bitterness and dry finish make it very easy to drink.

Overall impression

A light, refreshing, easy drinking beer for any time of the day or year

Pilot's Light