Trade Winds IPA

Trade Winds IPA
77.00 AUD each



In the 1800's, England shipped beer to their colonies in India. To survive the journey, it was made with a higher alcohol level than most beers of the time and hoppier than normal. Our beer follows this tradition, but using the latest methods to make sure we produce a consistent drop. Naturally, we use only the traditional english hops in this beer


The "Pale Ale" refers to the colour compared to the other beers of the 1800's.


The earthy aroma of the English East Kent goldings hops shows through.These hops are the traditional English hops used in their ales.


This is a fuller bodied ale with a strong hop flavour. The strong bitterness is balanced against the full malt flavour leaving a pleasant finish on the palate.

Overall impression

A balanced full strength beer brewed in the English tradition

Trade Winds IPA